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Episode 41 – Affiliate Marketing with James Martell

James Martell is an Internet pioneer who discovered the lucrative world of affiliate marketing in 1999. He is a self-taught Internet entrepreneur and a leading expert in affiliate marketing, natural search engine optimization and outsourcing. James is a successful author, publisher, podcaster, speaker and the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc. A sought after speaker […]

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 24 with Marc Ostrofsky from

This episode of Domain Names Podcast I speak with Marc Ostrofsky the author of Get Rich Click The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet. Here is a piece about Marc from his website – Marc Ostrofsky knows how to make money! He is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He has founded, […]

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Kajabi is Live in 2 days time!

Hi all, It is not very often that I have been this excited about an online product or service, but Kajabi is a different beast completely. If you have no idea what Kajabi is and what the heck I am talking about then you can check it out here If you have already watched […]

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What is “Powered By Kajabi” anyway?

If you’ve paid attention to some of 2010′s biggest product launches, you probably noticed one thing they had in common. List Control Product Launch Formula 3.0 Video Boss Outsource Force All had a little link at the bottom that said “Powered By Kajabi” and until now, not too many people knew what that was […]

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 17 with Paul Sloan & David Carter from

My guests today on Domain Names Podcast are Paul Sloan & David Carter from
Paul Sloan is a longtime journalist, who has worked for Fortune Magazine, National Public Radio, CNN and a bunch of other places, on staff and as a freelancer. Paul has interviewed people such as Kevin Ham in that great article that was published in the Business 2.0 Magazine back in May 2007 before the magazine closed down…

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Upcoming Interview with Johns Wu, creator of

Next week I will have the pleasure of having as a guest on Domain Names Podcast, Johns Wu the original owner / creator of For those of you who have been living in a cave without internet for the past 9 months, Johns sold to for a reported US$15 Million dollars after only a few years of the site being created (in Wordpress by the way). Nice going Johns! …

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 15 with Morgan Linton from

My guest on this the 15th Episode of Domain Names Podcast is Morgan Linton from &
Morgan has had various websites relating to the Domain Name industry running over the past few years and has a wealth of knowledge on the buying and selling of domains, development on domains, SEO & domain brokerage.

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 13 with Zappy Zapolin

My guest today on Domain Names Podcast is Zappy Zapolin co-founder & CEO of Internet Real Estate Group & and the visionary behind such leading internet brands such as,,,,, and many many more…

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The Master of Affiliate Marketing

Now that many domain owners are developing some of their names, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about some of the ways to monetize a site. One of the first ways of making money online that I was exposed to back in 2003 was Affiliate Marketing. I was fortunate enough to get to […]

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