Fellow Aussie Domainer Gregg McNair Gets His Hands Dirty at DN Journal

Gregg-McNairI just finished reading the great story about fellow Aussie Domainer Gregg McNair at DnJournal.com When you read this artice you could be forgiven for thinking that it is about 10 different people as Gregg has lived the life of at least 10 guys he has done so much! and he is just a young bloke!!

I met Gregg at the Traffic ccTLD conference this year in Amsterdam but did not get to spend any time with him which would of been great but he was very busy and hard to get a hold of, maybe we can have a talk on a podcast at some stage as I am sure it would be great listening.

Well done again by Ron Jackson, he truly is the master of interviews! I especially love the bit with the cow giving birth (thats where Gregg gets his hands dirty)

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