Upcoming Podcast with Perry Marshall, Google AdWords Guru!

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Happy New Year!

Over the past 2 + years since I started this domain names blog / podcast I have had many people email me who know I am a Google AdWords Consultant asking if I can do a podcast on Google AdWords relating to the synergies that it has with domain names. The two go hand in hand as far as I am concerned and a great domain name used in a great, well targeted & written AdWords campaign can be unstoppable if implemented properly.

Perry Marshall The Definitive Guide To Google AdWordsI was considering doing it just on my own but I think a conversation style of podcast is much more interesting than just listening to me talking! So I have enlisted the help of my friend and Google AdWords Guru Perry Marshall to join me and have a talk about how to best use AdWords for your Domain / Website and get the most bang for your buck from AdWords. Perry is without a doubt one of the top people who has written & spoken about Google AdWords back when it first started and he has been my mentor on the subject ever since.

Perry’s eBook  that he co-authored with Bryan Todd  The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords is the Bible for AdWords users and I have been reading the latest 2010 updated 277 page edition which is packed with brilliant examples of how to get the most from AdWords.

Perry is probably best known with his association with AdWords but is a brilliant marketer of which Google AdWords is just one of his weapons of choice online.
If you have never heard of Perry before then I guarantee you are in for a treat and will have access to some powerful marketing tools by following what Perry has to offer.

I will be recording the podcast with Perry early next week, so if you have any questions relating to Google AdWords then please email them to me ed@ozdomainer.com before the 10th of Jan.




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